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 GC 2007: The Hunt anuntat

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PostSubject: GC 2007: The Hunt anuntat   Sat Aug 11, 2007 2:33 am

Buka Entertainment ne-a informat că va prezenta la Games Convention 2007 un nou first-person shooter, dezvoltat de studiourile Orion Games, denumit The Hunt. Acțiunea se va desfășura în anul 2025, jucătorii intrând în rolul unui cetățean de rând care a fost "marcat" din greșeală cu un transmițător, care îl face protagonistul unui show TV extrem de sângeros și, în același timp, o țintă pentru autorități.

MOSCOW, August 8, 2007 - Buka Entertainment and Orion Games are pleased to reveal The Hunt, new First Person Shooter to be presented at GC 2007.

In 2025, the criminality among the society reached levels not known before. The government approved an extreme, though sure measure to ensure peace, security and prosperity for the society.

Being a common citizen, there is a probability of one in a million of receiving the back mark... a device implanted in your body that emits a signal which can be followed. But sometimes happens...

If you are marked, you have become the main star of The Hunt... the degeneration into a TV show of the governmental cleaning action. "The Beaters" are the gangs that participate officially as hunters.

The Hunt is a brand new FPS which breaks the established rules of the genre. Now shooting won't be enough to survive.

Key Game Features:

* Brand new engine with state-of-the art features. Real time lightning and shading. The enemies will react to your noise and shadow.
* The AGEIA PhysX technology allows not just to break almost every element of the scenario, but also to use it as weapon… a stone, a brick, a pipe…
* The main character is not a soldier or a well-trained hero… is a normal person who receives the Black Mark and has to escape and learn to survive.
* Stealth will be an important part of the gameplay. Special killing moves.

Multiplayer. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Survival mode…

Orice prost poarta diploma,nu-i purta stima...In cel mai fericit caz e prost cu Diploma.
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GC 2007: The Hunt anuntat
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